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The ethnographic museum “A l’Alboron”

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The ethnographic museum “A l’Alboron”, in Costa di Rovigo, collects, files and values documents and historical evidences that are the mirror of the social, economic and religious reality of the territory of Costa. A small town that has a social-economic situation grounded on farming. The museum is structured around a thematic and declarative project based on season rhythm; in fact the seasons, since the antiquity, have shaped the life of poor agrarian community, offering cyclically food, resources and raw materials wherewith live.

After a short presentation about the plain of Costa and her origin, the visitor can follow the consequences of season cycle on rural life testified by several and particular agrarian tools. He can also empathize with domestical life and appreciate the essential of artisan labour, so he can finally comprehend life and history of this little but ancient town rised around a little river called Adigetto, in the fertile Po valley.

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